Outside the System – 2016

http://www.dallton.com Guitars by Dallton Santos – Original Song from 3rd Instrumental Studio Album THE INNER THINGS (2015). Genre: Fusion Rock

Guitar: Music Maker Custom
body Mogno
neck Birdseye maple, 100% scaloped, stainless steel frets
Caps Seymour Duncan JB and Seymour Duncan Custom 5
Gotoh 510 – Luthier: Ivan Freitas

Guitar Amp:
Alien Tube Amp, model Monster, 6L6 50WW
Guitar Cabinet: Alien 2X12

Microphone Shure SM57

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Itunes http://bit.ly/dallton_santos_TIT_itunes
Amazon http://bit.ly/dallton_santos_TIT_amazon

With an intricate, yet distinctive style, every song on “The Inner Things” is impressive and unique, with dynamic and powerful solos, themes, and harmonic chains that one gets to appreciate more with every replay of the album. It is as if there are hidden gems that you will keep discovering as you let yourself immerse into Dallton Santos’ music and enjoy his superlative talent. This album gives you tremendous energy while the band sounds killer, rocking between progressive and fusion arrangements. Dallton Santos: “The Inner Things” – Tone, purposeful melodies and excellent musicianship make this album a must have! by Jamsphere (Italy)

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Rock Guitar http://youtu.be/1WkzTImWesg Fusion
Guitar is life! Cheers!!!

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